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8 Necessary Steps to Create a More Marketable Home

You’ve made the decision to sell your home…now what?

That's where we come in and guide you. Besides giving you a market analysis and a strategic marketing plan, we always recommend these 8 steps to create a more marketable home because small adjustments and improvements go a long way in the eyes of a buyer and your pockets. We aren't talking about major renovations, but rather 8 simple preparations that will invite more buyers into your home.

1. Clean

Get out the Swiffer and dust, dust, dust! Wash your windows, steam clean carpets, polish chrome faucets and stainless steel, and bleach dingy looking grout.

2. Make Repairs

Fix any issues that will cause concern to a buyer; replace cracked tiles, fix leaky faucets, and oil squeaky doors. You want your house to be in its best possible condition, especially in a market with a lot of competition.

3. De-clutter and Organize

You will thank us later!  Most buyers do not have the vision to see beyond excess furniture, picture frames, or Star Wars collectibles. In fact, they end up more focused on all of your stuff than actually looking at the house. One of the biggest mistakes we see is when owners shove all of those items into closets; messy closets lead the buyer to believe the home does not have ample storage.  Rent a storage unit, have an estate sale, or donate! Less now means less to pack and move later.

4. Paint

 Repaint rooms with neutral colors, like whites or taupes. Not only does it freshen up the space, but also potential buyers are able to focus on the space of the room and not the wall color. 

5. Stage your home

Hiring a professional stager can be costly, but there are certain things you can accomplish on your own without having to hire a stager. You can liven up your pool area by throwing some new pillows on the lounge chairs or even in your family room. A vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen is always a nice finishing touch and always make sure the beds are made before showings. 

6. Boost curb appeal

A buyer’s first impression will be when they pull into the driveway, so make sure to pressure clean, remove weeds in between your pavers, mulch the flower beds, and plant fresh flowers. A buyer may presume the home is not properly maintained if the exterior looks sloppy.

7. Get rid of smells

Odors are a big NO-NO and we apologize in advance to all of the men in the house…no more bacon for breakfast, at least not while we have your home on the market.  There’s nothing inviting or clean feeling when you walk into a house that smells like grease.

8. Light

Open up all of the blinds to let in natural light and make sure all of your light bulbs are working and on for showings. A bright, well-lit room looks bigger and more inviting. Positioning floor or table lamps in areas that are dim also helps tremendously.  

With a moderate amount of effort you will transform your home into a show house! If you’d like to learn more about prepping your home to sell, please contact us at

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