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Miami Buyers Love Move-In Ready Properties

Move-In Ready is both a classification and a preference.  Here’s how we ensure buyers are getting a habitable property that they can love NOW

It is hard to argue that our society thrives on instant gratification; fast food, Amazon Prime, on-demand TV and movies.  The list is endless.  With so much convenience available to consumers, we are not surprised when real estate buyers say that they are interested in “move-in ready properties.”  As consumers ourselves, we understand the sentiment and welcome this mindset to purchasing property in Miami.  To achieve the goal of move-in ready, stay within budget, and adhere to the buyer’s timeline we turn to our proven formula starting with the question:

Should anybody be living in this home today?

We’re fortunate that there are very few homes in our area of operation that would not meet the formal classification of move-in ready (think black mold, structural integrity issues, radon gas, etc.) Visually assessing the property is important, but its trustworthiness is only skin deep.  After viewing a property, information can then be gathered from a seller’s disclosure, but the final determinant is the home inspection. Recently, one of our buyers went under contract for a newer built home that appeared to be move-in ready and to our surprise a leak was detected inside the attic.  The inspector found a pipe leaking from the roof because it was not properly sealed. In this situation, the seller promptly fixed the issue by having his roofer remove the tiles around the pipe so it could be properly resealed and retiled.  This is why we always recommend a home to be inspected by a licensed professional. The home inspector will ensure the integrity of the structure, approximate the life expectancy remaining on the roof, and determine if there is any moisture intrusion through various tests. We want to make sure there are no underlying issues that are not visible to the naked eye. We have a network of home inspectors with an excellent reputation throughout the community and provide our buyers with comfort in their 100-day warranty on all home inspections.  

Searching for move-in ready properties, like many other things in life, requires great communication--especially from your Realtor so we do our best to set the right expectation. Every client’s definition of move-in ready varies greatly and once we determine the client’s specifications we leverage our network to find that dream home (no matter how specific the spec sheet!)

Recognized for our legendary sales success, an intimate knowledge of the South Florida housing market, and an unparalleled dedication to the real estate industry, our team knows what it takes to get clients into move-in ready properties.

Leverage our experience to help you find your next move-in ready home, condo, or rental in Miami today.  See our custom search results here or email us at info@luxuryestatesofmiami.comMore Info





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